About us

The Group (ALA) has  been established & shaped in  the  direction  of  our  main business activities’ expansions which  had  been  targeted to overseas regions such as Europe, Middle East,  Asia  and  African growing markets to Import/export  various Equipment  &  Spare Parts,  Raw Materials,  Petroleum,  Gas and  Petrochemicals  as well  as Transferring Know- how, Technical Assistance  and  supplying of various Industrial  Machineries based  on our direct connections  with the main  Buyers, Suppliers &  Manufacturing  plants relevant to each product’s category in the said regions in above.

We  play   a  pivotal  role  in  the  above   mentioned  fields,  acting  as  the  general  trading intermediaries and  value-adding service providers. Our breadth of expertise enables  us to offer  integrated  supply  chain   solutions   that  deliver  competitive  advantage   to  the producers and  purchasers that we  serve. We ensure that we are objective in matching exact customer needs in terms of quality, specifications, financial terms and delivery.




We are endeavoring to provide the most efficient financial services for our trusted clients hence  we  are also  proud of our solid  connections  with number of worldwide partners, who  provides financial support for ALA Group and  its suppliers / customers   in  various  ways.

The Group  has a  wide   network  of  relationship  with international prime banks  and other financial associations in the Europe, Middle/Far East areas which  would be able to set up suitable financial instruments for its specific deals  all over the world.


Logistic & Distribution


As the leading international traders, the holding company (Group) already has  the necessary relationships with  the  suppliers and  producers to  perform  a  role  as  a  bulk  breaker, product carrier handling and  even  container delivery at the Loading & Discharging ports as  a  wholesale distributor,  bringing  cargos from  anywhere  within  our  international network and  offering an  essential  feeder service to the retail end  of the supply chain.

Thanks   to  our Logistic  team who  is  operating these  transactions professionally as  a round Mixed-shipping services starting  from any  place  in  the gulf region, covering the major  parts  of  Europe,  Asia,  African  coasts  and  Vice  Versa.

X company ’s function  is  to ensure that the service provided to its customers is at least as good  as that of domestic producers, even  though delivery is from further afield, offering just-in-time  nationwide delivery to customers.


About our mission and values


  • is an independent firm by being objective.


  • We get the best deals for our business partners.


  • We foster open, collaborative relationships built on trust.


  • Once we have made  a commitment, we stand by it.


  • We deliver results and strive for continuous improvement.


  • We look beyond today to envision the steel of tomorrow because  quality outcomes depend on quality people.